Steven Verpaele

Industrial Hygiene manager, Nickel Institute

Steven Verpaele, Master of science in environmental chemistry Industrial Hygiene. He did a lot of research work on sampling and analysis for dust and elemental compositions in workplace atmospheres, especially silica. Working for 7 years as head of the environmental section at the University College of Ghent in the laboratory for occupational hygiene and 11 years as principal occupational hygienist for an External Company for Occupational Prevention and Protection. Currently he is the industrial hygiene manager at the Nickel Institute (global association of leading primary nickel producers).
He is also founder and president of the Belgian Centre for Occupational Hygiene, a non-profit organization focused on research and laboratory services to industry regarding occupational hygiene exposure assessment. BeCOH has an MOU with Workplace Health Without Borders (WHWB) and provides free of charge analysis for OH projects.


Occupational exposure limit values for metals and metalloids are decreasing, especially for metals or metalloids identified as carcinogens or sensitizers. Increasingly, size-specific sampling fractions (e.g. inhalable and/or respirable) are prescribed by regulation. These very low OELVs bring challenges to the measurement methods. All portions of these methods, including sampling, sample dissolution and the analytical methods themselves must be optimized dramatically in order to attain lower method detection limits while maintaining high data quality. The learning outcome of this presentation is focussed on understanding the growing challenges in trace-level sampling and analysis for metals and metalloids, focussing on nickel as an example The practical application for IH/OH professionals is to offer help in selecting the right sampling equipment for trace-level metals and metalloids and ensure they understand the importance of proper laboratory analysis in obtaining the results they need for decision making.

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Monday 30th Nov Day 1

Sampling and Analytical Challenges in Meeting EverLower OELs for Metals and Metalloids

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