Shane McDougall

Director, Occupational Hygiene Consulting Pty Ltd

Shane is a person who has taken a different route to becoming an Occupational Hygienist.  He started his working life as an apprentice diesel technician with Caterpillar progressing through to a management position in charge of 350 employees.  He was formally introduced to the field of Occupational Hygiene in 2014 and was immediately hooked once seeing the positive impact the occupational hygiene field has at a workplace.  Shane has successfully completed courses in Maintenance Management, Business Improvement and graduated from UOW's Master of Work Health and Safety.  Shane has been with Occupational Hygiene Consulting for 7 years and has experience spent extensive time within the power industry and mining sector in both NSW, Qld, SA and Victoria.  Through Occupational Hygiene Consulting he enjoys the wide diversity of occupational hygiene he is exposed to.  He is passionate about being able to help small and large companies protect the new generation of young workers in the workforce.


An evaluation of worker exposure to respirable dust (RD) and respirable crystalline silica (RCS) found in fly ash during removal of fabric filter bags within the Fabric Filter Cells, was conducted at a coal fired power station. A qualitative survey explored the worker's understanding of the health risks associated with RD and RCS and current controls. The Quantitative measurements within the Fabric Filter SEG resulted in TWA concentration ranges of 0.22 mg/m³ to 25.37 mg/m³ for RD and 0.01 mg/m³ to 1.49 mg/m³ for RCS. UCL values of 30.46 mg/m³ for RD and 0.94 mg/m³ for RCS identifies that workers are at a high risk of developing chronic health conditions. Compressed air tooling was identified as a major contributing factor to high exposure results. The survey data also identified education and respirator fit testing was inadequate. With fly ash needing to be extracted from the production processes of more than 2000 coal fired power stations across the world, the project and its findings will be transferable across the power industry and fabric filter bag house operations.


Monday 30th Nov Day 1

The Personal Exposure Cost of Keeping the Lights On!

An Evaluation of Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica and Respirable Dust for Coal
Fired Power Station Fabric Filter Workers.