Robin Burgess-Limerick

Professor, University of Queensland

Robin Burgess-Limerick is Professor of Human Factors in the Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre, Sustainable Minerals Institute, at The University of Queensland. Robin is a Certified Professional Ergonomist, past-president, and Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia.


Long term exposure to high-amplitude whole-body vibration is associated with adverse health effects, especially back pain. Operators of surface mining equipment are known to be exposed to whole-body vibration. Vibration amplitudes experienced by operators are dynamic, a function of equipment design; seat design, condition and adjustment; roadway or ground conditions; vehicle maintenance; activity being undertaken; and operator behaviour. Ad hoc measurements are consequently of limited utility in assisting mines to manage exposures to the hazard. This paper describes the background to the design and implementation of hardware and software which enable continuous monitoring of floor and seat accelerometer installed in earth-moving equipment at a Queensland coal mine. The data have potential to enable evidence-based decisions regarding the implementation of control measures

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Continuous Monitoring of whole-body vibration associated with surface mining equipment