Rachel Strachan

Vice Chair, Menindee Lakes Stakeholder Advisory Group

Rachel Strachan is a life-long resident of the Murray-Darling Basin. Growing up on an irrigation farm on the Murray River near Murray Downs Rachel has spent the past 25 years operating a family sheep agribusiness with extensive dryland cropping on the Lower Darling River, 70 km north of Wentworth. Until recently her enterprise included high value irrigated wine grapes and citrus. These crops were removed following Rachel’s participation in a Commonwealth strategic water purchase and capital adjustment, which decommissioned all horticulture on the Lower Darling.  She is currently Vice Chair of the Menindee Lakes Stakeholder Advisory Group and Vice Chair of the South-Western Water Users Association (NSW) representing both Murray and Lower Darling private diverters.


Wed 19th Wed 19th

Panel Session: What are our options: a healthy, connected Barka or major social change in the Far West? Implications for governments and communities.