Philip Turner

Occupational Hygienist, Workplace Environment Consultants Pty Ltd

Philip is a certified occupational hygienist (COH) with more than 25 years of experience.His qualifications include Applied Chemistry (UTS) and Safety Science (UNSW). He is a certified fire & and smoke restoration technician (FSRT) with Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).


Heavy bushfire smoke impacted workplaces in Sydney, regional New South Wales, and many other parts of Australia during 2019-2020. Advice for workplaces was issued by SafeWork NSW. Regional monitoring data from the EPA was available, but was not always useful at specific sites. On site airborne particle testing was conducted using aerosol photometers, with a calibration factor for ambient air. These instruments were configured to send SMS alerts at pre-set alarm levels. Advice on hazardous smoke levels (as PM2.5) has been issued by environmental authorities. Outdoor smoke exposure can be controlled by work scheduling, or respiratory protective equipment (RPE). Indoor smoke can be controlled by the use of recirculating air purifiers with HEPA (high efficiency) filters. After the event, surface smoke deposition can be tested by wipe testing, or micro-vacuum sampling with subsequent optical microscopy.


Tuesday 1st Dec Day 2

Impacts of Heavy Bushfire Smoke on Sydney Workplaces (2019-2020)