Mila Tejamaya

Lecturer, Universitas Indonesia

Mila Tejamaya, SSi, MOHS, PhD is lecturer and researcher at Department of Occupational Health and Safety, Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia since 2008. She is also Head of OHS Bachelor Study Program at Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia. Her research interest is within health and safety risk assessment, both at industrial and public level; as well as toxicology study. In professional association, she is acting as the President of Indonesian Industrial Hygiene Association (IIHA), from 2019-2021


Currently, COVID-19 is a global pandemic which has disrupted not only the health of communities but also the socio-economic state of the world. In Indonesia, on the 24th April 2020, confirmed COVID-19 cases had reached 8,155, mainly concentrated at eight largest provinces. Perception of COVID-19 amongst Indonesian citizens were studied. An online questionnaire was developed by following a standard questionnaire on risk perception of an infectious disease outbreak (ECOM, 2015) and distributed through social media on first week of May 2020, 2 months after the 1st case in Indonesia.1,067 respondents participated in this study. It was found that the respondents of this study showed a good level of knowledge on COVID-19. Although their perception on the severity, seriousness and number of confirmed cases were high, they showed a moderate extent of anxiety. Moreover, the respondents showed a positive perception of COVID-19 prevention and control. Associated factors such as gender, age, educational background, and occupation were investigated.


Tuesday 1st Dec Day 2

Mila Tejamaya - Risk Perception on COVID-19 in Indonesia During the First Stage of the Pandemic