Melanie Windust

Business Unit Manager Occupational Hygiene, ADE Group

Melanie is an innovative Occupational Hygienist with experience in a diverse and complex range of industries including major hazard facilities, aviation, mining, dangerous goods, logistics, oil, and gas, regulatory and manufacturing, at union and non-union sites. She has been a COH for nearly 20 years and has vast experience in chemical and hygiene risk management, baseline risk assessments, monitoring program development and working with businesses to develop effective solutions.


Mercury is a highly toxic, naturally occurring element encountered in various chemical and elemental forms throughout nearly all Oil and Gas production and processing systems. The Presence of mercury creates substantial health, safety and environmental issues that reduce efficiencies in maintenance activities and considerably add to costs in demolition. Understanding accumulation, distribution, and the sorption dynamics of mercury throughout process is instrumental in the application of improved chemical decontamination and waste management techniques used during plant turnarounds and the clean out of gas processing equipment. This paper aims to address these issues in the oil and gas industry by utilising cutting edge chemistry to remove the mercury up to 99%. The outcomes benefit the environment and people who are maintaining plant and equipment that previously was mercury contaminated. This technology is transferable to other industries that contain mercury contaminated equipment.

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Effectively removing mercury contamination in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production systems