Mark Reggers

Occupational Hygienist / Senior Application Engineer, AIOH

Mark is an Occupational Hygienist (MAIOH) whose current Senior Application Engineer role at 3M Australia (Personal Safety Division) focuses on providing technical end user guidance and advice around the selection, use and maintenance of personal protective equipment. This is backed through his previous experience as an Occupational Hygiene/Property Risk Consultant, Masters in Science (Occupational Hygiene Practice), Cert IV in OHS, NSW Licensed Asbestos Assessor (LAA001242) and 18 years in the safety equipment and training industry.

He has experience as an Occupational Hygiene/Property Risk Consultant with knowledge and skills in undertaking occupational hygiene assessments, asbestos/hazardous materials inspection, property risk assessment and Work Health and Safety assessments. He is passionate about occupational hygiene to ensure workers health is not compromised from workplace exposures and practices.

Mark also hosts the Science of Safety Podcasts, which is available on all major podcast platforms. He chats with expert guests on a range of WHS topics to provide practical advice and guidance for all workplaces.


RESP-FIT is the exciting new AIOH program to accredit competent respiratory fit testers, approve training providers and trainers. A significant aspect of the practice of occupational hygiene in certain industries is the management of respiratory protective equipment programs, including fit testing. There is clear evidence that real world respiratory protective equipment (RPE) protection factors are improved when there is an RPE fit testing as part of a respiratory protection program (RPP). The specifics of RPE fit testing are coming under increasing scrutiny with such high reliance in many workplaces on RPE as a control and the increased respirator use due to the pandemic. However, there is currently no clear guidance in Australia on what defines a good RPE fit test and unfortunately, there are plenty of examples of poor fit testing practice and mis-information in many industries. Most industries/companies currently use their own definition/level of a competent person, but what is a competent person varies significantly between industry/companies. Over the past 2 years, the AIOH have had a working group to develop an industry self-regulated RPE fit testing training and accreditation program in close co-operation with many stakeholders to fill this gap in guidance and best practice to provide the means for improving the quality of RPE fit testing in Australian workplaces. This new program is called RESP-FIT. This presentation will cover the details of the new AIOH RESP-FIT program.


Tuesday 1st Dec Day 2