Lisa M Brosseau

Professor & Research Consultant, University of Minnesota Centre for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

Dr. Brosseau received her masters and doctoral degrees in Industrial Hygiene from the Harvard School of Public Health. She spent her career as an academic researcher at the University of Minnesota and University of Illinois at Chicago, teaching graduate-level industrial hygiene courses and conducting research on respiratory protection and small business workplace safety interventions.Her early research with respirators focused on filter performance, comparison of surgical masks vs. respirators and respirator use in healthcare settings. More recent research focused on better understanding how respirators fit during work.Recently retired from academia, Dr. Brosseau continues to consult and advise on respirator topics.


This presentation will briefly review data that support aerosol inhalation as an important transmission mode for SARS-CoV-2, including evidence of human-generated aerosols, virus viability in air and access to respiratory cellular receptors. I will then discuss the implications of aerosol transmission for control measures in workplace settings, highlighting the importance of source and pathway controls before resorting to receptor controls (personal protective equipment).

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Tuesday 1st Dec Day 2

Lisa M Brosseau-Aerosol Transmission of SARS-CoV-2: Biological Plausibility and Implications for Workplace Control Measures

Sponsor - Safety Equipment Australia Pty Ltd