Jim Struthers

Global Sales Manager, Casella Solutions

Experienced Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the test and measurement industry. Skilled in International and UK sales, Leading a Sales Team, Negotiation, Business Development and Strategic Planning. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor's Degree focused in Business/Commerce, from Birmingham City University.


What this means:

  • Impaired Cyclone Performance for respirable fractions. Flow must be maintained.
  • Affects the size cut of the sample if pulsations are high
  • Therefore less Sample collected
  • Sample Deposited on the sampler rather than the filter.
  • Rubber diaphragms which provide an extra reservoir of air
  • Located at the inlet & outlet of the pump to smooth the flow
  • Vital to maintain sample integrity BUT they're inclusion impacts the size of the overall pump.

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Monday 30th Nov Day 1

How pulsations effect the performance of a respirable sampling head and the importance of dampeners within an air sampling pump