Jim Bentley

Chief Executive Officer - NSW Water Sector

Jim Bentley is Chief Executive Officer, NSW Water Sector and Deputy Secretary of WATER, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. He was formerly Managing Director of Hunter Water Corporation Newcastle NSW. Jim has extensive global experience in infrastructure services, particularly in the water industry, having spent 12 years with Thames Water, including six years in the international business mainly focused on Turkey and the Middle East. Jim is a Professor of Practice in Business Law at the University of Newcastle NSW and Visiting Professor in Engineering at University College London, UK

Jim Bentley joined the department on 1 July from Hunter Water Corporation and now holds the NSW Government’s most senior water role. He is responsible for negotiating for our sustainable and affordable access to water with other states and the Commonwealth, and for coordinating with colleagues across government, state-owned corporations and local utilities to ensure we are delivering resilient water services for the people of New South Wales

Jim is a senior executive with extensive experience, particularly in the water sector, working across both the private and public sector. His deep knowledge of water utilities will be useful in his role where he will oversee billion-dollar water infrastructure programs and the prioritisation of water projects and work closely with utility companies. Jim has a history of evidence-based decision making, with a background in infrastructure services consulting. As the department continues to roll out Regional Water Strategies, his expertise and skills will be invaluable in securing both metropolitan and regional water supplies.