Jennifer Hines

Occupational Hygienist, EHS Solutions

Dr Jennifer Hines is a Certified Occupational Hygienist with over 20 years’ industry experience in the mining, manufacturing and Defence sectors. She has a Masters in Occupational Hygiene and a PhD from the University of Wollongong.  She is currently a consultant Occupational Hygienist and an academic at the University of Wollongong. Reducing worker exposure to contaminants in the underground mining environment has been a focal point of her career.

A particular aspect Jennifer has focussed on is controlling diesel exhaust emissions through maintenance of diesel engines, and importantly how this reduces the exposure risk to the workers. She has conducted significant work on proving there can be a significant reduction in employee exposures to diesel emissions and substantial savings in fuel use by conducting emissions based maintenance on diesel engines. This double benefit provides added incentive for companies to adopt emissions based maintenance.


There are many widely used and effective controls to reduce worker exposure to diesel emissions.Recent research has proven that implementing an Emissions Based Maintenance (EBM) system is a doable and realistic control for limiting occupational exposure to diesel particulate matter (DPM) at mine sites.This control falls within the engineering category of the Hierarchy of Control as changes are made to the engine and/or exhaust system to reduce the contaminants exiting the exhaust before it reaches the workers. This presentation will briefly cover findings of a site based, practical research project where EBM was implemented at one site, compared to a control site where no additional maintenance was conducted.Included will be strategies on how a similar control system can be duplicated elsewhere and other useful tactics can be employed to reduce DPM exposure. DPM and reducing diesel exhaust is the focus of significant research.There are numerous ways to reduce and quantify diesel exhaust.EBM is one practical, inexpensive method that has been proven to be successful.


Thursday 3rd Dec Day 4

Adding Maintenance of Engines to your Control Toolkit