Jane Whitelaw

Discipline Lead Occupational Hygiene, University of Wollongong

Jane is a Certified Occupational Hygienist, Certified Industrial Hygienist and Fellow of the AIOH with over 25 years experience and is the Co-ordinator of the Occupational Hygiene Program at the University of Wollongong. She chairs the AIOH RESPFIT Accreditation Committee and is a member of the Australian Standards Committee AS/NZS 1715 & 1716 on Respiratory Protective Equipment. Jane's research interests are in Protecting Worker Health from Chemical and Physical Hazards, and her major grants and research have been in evaluating the Efficacy of Respiratory protection. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Wollongong in the Faculty of Medicine.


There has been a surge in demand for P2 respirators for use against airborne pollutants during the recent extensive bushfires and more immediately against the transmission of CoV-SARS-2. This has resulted in an increase of non-compliant respirators entering the supply chain. Identifying non-compliant products presents challenges for businesses purchasing respirators for their workers, as the processes and checkpoints that provide compliance can be complex. This presentation will provide some simple steps that you can take to help determine if your respirator is up to standard.

Jane is co-presenting her session with Kate Cole

Sponsor - Air-Met Scientific


Tuesday 1st Dec Day 2

How to spot a fake. Is your respirator up to standard?

Kate Cole and Jane Whitelaw

Sponsor - Air-Met Scientific