Jacques Oosthuizen

Professor of Occupational and Environmental Health, ECU

Jacques Oosthuizen is a certified occupational hygienist and the Professor of Occupational and Environmental Health at Edith Cowan University in Perth. Jacques’s graduated from an undergraduate program in Environmental Health, with a major in Occupational Hygiene and he subsequently obtained a post graduate qualification in education, a Master of Medical Science and a PhD in the occupational / environmental health field. In 1999 Jacques was appointed as a lecturer and at Central Queensland University and in 2001 he relocated to Perth and has been at ECU every since.


We have conducted several projects around climate change associated heat wave impacts and adaptation strategies of vulnerable populations of outdoor workers in Africa (Ghana and Zimbabwe). Occupational heat stress has also been assessed in the Australian resources sector with a focus on quantifying heat exposures of various occupational groups and the loss of acclimatisation status by fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workers where their time spent at home is in a cool climate. Interventions such as ingestion of ice slurry to reduce core body temperature, protective clothing and heat exposure control of firefighters have been assessed. The results of this work will be presented with a focus on what can be learned from the different populations in terms of adapting to extreme heat wave events, particularly for outdoor workers.

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Thursday 3rd Dec Day 4

Occupational heat stress among outdoor workers in Africa and Australia

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