Ian Firth

Principal Consultant and Director, IC Firth OHS Solutions Pty Ltd

Ian is a respected HSE professional with extensive senior management experience in occupational health management.  He has over 40 years experience, with a quarter of his work experience in environmental sciences and the rest in occupational hygiene.  Occupational hygiene work has involved workplace environment assessment in hard rock mining settings and in smelting in the zinc/lead and aluminium industries.  During the last 15 years of his career with a multi-national mining and minerals company, he conducted extensive reviews and audits of world-wide operations and provided coaching and training  to working hygienists as well as standards and occupational hygiene guidance development.  Ian is a Fellow of the AIOH as well as being a Certified Occupational Hygienist (COH).


Over the years the approach to hygiene monitoring has been largely based on the assumption of homogeneous similar exposure groups (SEGs). As workers multi-skill, SEGs are becoming more diverse and the monitoring data increasingly larger. This in turn is leading to high levels of variation in the data. Is too much time now being spent sampling to achieve better uniformity to meet perceived compliance requirements or is there a more pragmatic approach that can re-focus the hygienists time back to field assessments and control management rather than data collection?

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Wednesday 2nd Dec Day 3

Developing a pragmatic approach to occupational health risk assessment monitoring

Ian Firth and Ross Di Corletto

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