Greg Whiteley

Executive Chairman, Whiteley Corporation

Dr Greg Whiteley is the Executive Chairman of Whiteley Corporation. Dr Whiteley is also an Adjunct Fellow in the School of Medicine at Western Sydney University. Dr Whiteley has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Health) (Hawkesbury Agricultural College), a Master of Safety Science (UNSW), a Diploma from the Australian Institute of Company Directors (UNE) and a PhD (WSU). Dr Whiteley has authored over 37 peer reviewed publications and is a frequently invited international speaker on surface hygiene and validation.Dr Whiteley is a Fellow of Environmental Health Australia, a Member of the Australian Society of Microbiology, and a Member of the Society of Healthcare Epidemiology of America


COVID-19 disease is caused by a transmissible Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). This virus has jumped species and is rapidly adaptable. The virus has good environmental stability and is easily picked up on hands from contaminated surfaces or when an infected person is in close personal contact with an unifected person (touch). Once on the hands of an uninfected person, the virus can find its way to the intended receptor cells, most frequently in the mouth, oral palate, nasal lining or eyes. That’s because most of us touch our faces at least 20 to 40 times every hour. There is complexity in the selection of Hand Sanitiser because the regulatory arrangements are disjointed. There are five separate options for hand hygiene. At the top end are TGA registered products with high levels of certainty over safety and efficacy. At the other end at products which do not have any mandated requirements for either safety or efficacy. At this end, the products can fit into either the Industrial Chemicals bandwidth, or the Cosmetic products requirements. Ironically, it is illegal to make virucidal claims on any Hand Hygiene product. This presentation will review the science on hand hygiene and spread of infectious organisms via unwashed hands. There will be an outline of the regulatory arrangements and clarity given on expected product performance and appropriate pathways for hand hygiene compliance in the workplace.

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Wednesday 2nd Dec Day 3

The role of hand hygiene and COVID-19 personal safety

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