Dr Celine Steinfeld

Director, Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists

Dr Celine Steinfeld is a geographer specialising in NRM policy and management in Australia. She was awarded the University Medal in 2008 for research on floodplain development in the internationally significant Macquarie Marshes in the Murray-Darling Basin. She was the inaugural recipient of the Peter Cullen Postgraduate Scholarship in 2009 and won the international River Management Young Achievers Award at the River symposium in 2012.

After graduating, Celine worked in policy implementation at the Murray-Darling Basin Authority. She joined the Wentworth Group in 2015 and was recently appointed to the role of Director, overseeing the 5-year strategy for water reform and landscape conservation in a changing climate.


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Panel Session: What are our options: a healthy, connected Barka or major social change in the Far West? Implications for governments and communities.