Claire Miller

Chief Executieve Officer, NSW Irrigators Council

Claire Miller is the CEO of the NSW Irrigators Council. She has more than 35 years of experience immersed in complex operating environments where policy, politics, community values, ecological sustainability and economic imperatives clash. In this hotly contested environment, Claire has dealt with a wide range of controversial policy issues, including water, climate change, environment, agriculture and regional development.

She was a journalist with The Age for more than 20 years before changing careers into the water arena in roles including senior policy adviser to the Victorian Water Minister and working with the dairy, rice and other industry sectors. She has a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies, is a director on the East Gippsland CMA board, and volunteers in wildlife conservation in South Africa.


Tue 18th Tue 18th

Breaking the Murray-Darling Basin Plan SDLAM impasse – a proposal


Wed 19th Wed 19th

Panel Session: What are our options: a healthy, connected Barka or major social change in the Far West? Implications for governments and communities.