Claire Di Corleto

Occupational Hygienist, Monitor Consulting Services

Claire Di Corleto is an Occupational Hygienist who has been working in the fields of Occupational Hygiene, Health and Safety for eight years predominantly in the resources sector. She has worked in both underground and open-cut mining and is completing her Masters of Occupational Hygiene and Toxicology at Edith Cowan University. Claire is currently employed at an occupational health and hygiene consultancy based in Brisbane.


In the United States, there have been fatalities and hospitalisations associated with heat-related illnesses within the rapidly growing courier delivery service. This study investigated the potential contributing factors, such as airflow, temperatures, and colour on vehicles. Courier services however do more than just drive as part of the work. Each delivery is unique due to the variations in the manual handling requirements with regards to package dimensions, weight and carry distances. This will also impact on the metabolic load and subsequently on the thermal balance. If not managed correctly, this could lead to heat-related illnesses. Parameters were measured using multiple WBGT monitors and an anemometer. This information was utilised to model the physiological impact using a rational index. The results have been used to develop a risk assessment tool based on the AIOH Basic Thermal Risk Assessment model. The modified assessment has been designed to cater specifically for the courier driver and their tasks.

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Thursday 3rd Dec Day 4

Development of a Thermal Risk Assessment Tool for Courier Drivers