Carter Ficklin

Industrial Hygienist , NASA Langley

Carter works as the Program Manager for Mission Technologies, Inc. on the Facility Assurance, Inspection, Monitoring, and Occupational Safety Contract (FAIMOS) at NASA LaRC. In addition to his work at NASA, Carter has been very active in the development and presentation of courses in Health and Safety Leadership in North America, Europe, and Australia.These courses and workshops are designed to build leadership skills, enhance communication abilities, and develop teamwork in organizations to maximize health and safety program effectiveness. Over 1,200 health and safety professionals have attended these courses in the past nine years. Carter has been very active in the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).He has served as President of the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation, the chair of the AIHA Early Career Professionals Committee, the president AIHA Tidewater Local Section.


At the AIOH conference last year in Perth it’s unlikely anyone could have predicted the events that would unfold in the first quarter of 2020. The rapid shutdown of international borders caused an immediate slowdown in the global economy. As the virus spread, lockdown measures forced many workplaces to close or dramatically alter normal operations.There's no argument that the Covid-19 Pandemic created some significant challenges in occupational hygiene leadership and communication.But could these unforeseen challenges be a path forward to a new era in awareness of the importance of worker health and safety? The occupational hygiene community experienced an immediate call to action to develop and communicate control strategies to attempt to allow business and society as a whole to return to some sort of normalcy.....albeit drastically different. This presentation will highlight some of the challenges encountered as our profession had to rapidly pivot from what was normal occupational hygiene practice into Covid-19 management. As a result, public awareness of measures to control hazards in the workplace has never been at a higher level. As we continue to address these challenges by communicating with workers and the public are we paving the path to a much brighter future for our profession?A number of perspectives from global occupational hygiene leaders will be shared to help us all take a breath for a moment and look towards better days.

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Monday 30th Nov Day 1

Carter Ficklin - What Does Occupational Hygiene Look Like Post Covid-19

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