Candice Dix

Hygiene Specialist, Rio Tinto

Candice is an experienced Occupational Health and Hygiene professional and Certified Occupational Hygienist. Her work in the mining industry over the past 11 years spans across projects, construction, operations, underground, ports and rail networks. Adopting a holistic approach to her work, she has honed her skills in project management and partnering with multidisciplinary teams.
Candice is passionate about driving better worker health outcomes through continuous improvement, harnessing technology and a strong focus on stakeholder engagement. Recently, her work has centered on the effective application of real-time and video technologies to ensure critical controls are in place to protect worker health.


The problem: Pressure for workplaces to become more agile and responsive to evolving customer and economic demands has led to significant changes in job role requirements. Increasingly, work occurs across multiple areas and tasks, with mutli-skilled workers contributing to improved operational efficiency. As a result, similar exposure group (SEG) sampling results can be highly variable, making it difficult to identify the underlying cause of high exposures and recommend effective controls. A new approach to exposure assessment: Real-time exposure and video monitoring enables a shift in focus from SEGs to high exposure areas and tasks, along with the identification of exposure sources for the development of effective controls. The technology is practical and versatile with occupational hygiene applications including: mapping high exposure areas and tasks; prioritising control measures; assessing control effectiveness; investigating sampling exceedances, developing job role profiles; informing training packages and combining multiple inputs for holistic personal exposure assessment. Key Benefits (immediate and evolving): This technology is more efficient and visual than traditional techniques for exposure and control assessments. The outputs enable clear and effective communication, training and feedback for stakeholders and inform the development of control solutions to drive better worker health outcomes. Real-time and video exposure assessment technology is an essential, accessible tool that enables occupational hygienists to become more effective and responsive in today's rapidly evolving workplaces.

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Wednesday 2nd Dec Day 3

Applying real-time technologies to re-invent occupational hygiene exposure assessment

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