Brad DoLambert

Occupational Hygiene Consultant, EDP Consultants

Over 12 years experience in various scientific fields (primarily Cytogenetics and Forensic Biology). Brad then transitioned to a work health and safety role within the Health care system (8 years) and during this time decided to undertake a Masters of Occupational Hygiene and Toxicology (ECU). Brad then transitioned to an occupational hygiene consultancy role and been in the field for 6 months.


Some construction sites encounter difficulties identifying effective controls aimed at minimising respirable crystalline silica (RCS) exposures during concrete cutting and grinding works due to their transient nature. Limitations are also encountered identifying practical controls capable of being transferred from one location to the next. This project evaluated the effectiveness of controls used in a transient environment by obtaining RCS exposure and background monitoring data. Feedback from workers was also received to gain an understanding of the perceived effectiveness of controls. The site was unable to introduce wet methods of works and trialled combinations of engineering and administrative controls and PPE. Certain combinations of control reduced RCS exposures, but were unable to reduce exposures below the workplace exposure standard (WES). Sites may encounter hurdles using wet methods of control however it is important they are trialled in conjunction with other levels of control to reduce RCS exposures below the WES.


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Monday 30th Nov Day 1

Evaluation of controls during concrete cutting and grinding works in a transient work environment