Remote Presenter BriEfing and Connection Test

To participate as a remote presenter at a virtual or hybrid event, we will need to go through a briefing and connection test process to ensure everything runs smoothly for your appearance or presentation on event day.  

After reading through this page you will know what you need and can then book in a time for your connection test.  Let’s get to it.

Remote Presenter Requirements

The minimum requirements to participate as a remote presenter are simply a stable internet connection and either a smartphone, laptop or PC with camera and microphone.

Internet Connection

A stable internet connection with a good upload speed is required.  Please perform a speedtest at  Make sure to perform this test at the same location and under the same conditions that you will be under during the live stream.  Wireless connections are OK as long as you have a strong signal and will be positioned in close range to your Wifi router.  If your upload speed is not able to deliver a high quality video link, you will still be able to participate via audio and view the stream.  If there are other people using the same network, particuarly other video conferecning apps, this will have an adverse effect on your connection.

Smartphone or PC with webcam

To get your live video into our live stream we will use your smartphone or PC with an external webcam.  This will give us a much better image than what can be achieved with an integrated webcam found on most laptops.  If using a smartphone you will need a holder / tripod to keep your video stable.  You will need to use earbuds / airpods during the livestream.  The live video will use a simple web based interface that works best in an up-to date Chrome browser

Computer for PPT Presentation

If you are using PowerPoint as part of your talk, you will need to run this from a computer.  If you are going to use the same computer as above, it will be easier if you have a dual monitor setup.  We will use either Zoom or MS Teams for your connection.   Don’t worry if your presentation isn’t ready, we can use a dummy presentation for testing so you are familiar with the process and controls.  If you have any notes within your presentation you will be able to view these as well as your current and next slides in PowerPoint presenter view.

Book in your connection test Session

During your connection test our streaming technician will run you through everything that will happen on the event day so you are familiar with the system and know what your cues are.   

You are able to book in a connection test using the automated system below for testing times between 8am and 6pm (AEST/AEDT).  If you require a test outside of this time you will need to contact the studio to arrange an out of hours test.  Please note this will incur and additional charge for your event organiser.

To book in your test, firstly perform a speed test by clicking on the button below.  Once your test is completed return to this page.

You will then need to select either remote connection test or remote presentation recording from the service drop down menu.  You can then pick from an available time in the calendar.  Please refrain from booking a connection test less than a week prior to your event if possible.

Once you have chosen your time, please fill in the remaining details then click “submit”. Please note that all fields are required.  You will then receive some more specific instructions including your connection link, via email within 1 business day.  Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Please note that booking times are Sydney Time (AEDT/AEST)