HOW TO SOLVE Common Issues


Make sure your internet connection is active.  Check if you can access common sites like  Reboot your router.  If you are stille having issues contact your ISP

Web Browser

Make sure your web browser has it’s most current up dates installed.  You can check current versions of supported browsers at  We recommend using Google Chrome.


Make sure there isn’t too much activity on your local network.  You can check your network speed at

Stream Passwords

Most live streams will be protected with a password.  Passwords are case sensitive so make sure they are entered exactly as provided by your event organiser.  It’s safest to copy and paste from your event instructions into password field to avoid typos.


“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” isn’t just a cliche.  If things are behaving weird a reboot can often sort things out.

Starting Time

Large events may experience a peak demand when starting.  If you can’t load your stream please be patient and give it a minute before refreshing.  You are welcome to log in early.



Give our support line a call


Interactive Features

HOW TO Log in to interactive features

Most live streams will feature some type of interactivity in the form of chat, Q&A or polls.  All of these interactions take place in a window to the right of the live video stream.  If your stream is protected with a password you will first need to enter your password where prompted.  If you are already logged into a Vimeo account, you will automatically be logged into the chat and can start posting messages.  

If you are not logged in and you wish to participate, you will need to enter your name and accept Vimeo’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before selecting Join.  You will have better engagement with other guests if you enter your full name so you can be recognised by your colleagues.


You can then type in your message and either press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard to send, or click the send button to the right to send your chat message, which may be up to 280 characters long. Your messages will appear on the right side of the chat window whereas others’ messages will appear alongside their names on the left side.

Note that the event chat is moderated by the event’s producer, who has the ability to delete or block comments from anyone.


There will be points during the event where viewers will be able to ask questions, when this occurs, you and other viewers will see a “Have a question?” prompt in the bottom of the chat window; click Ask to participate.

You can type in your question in the text box at the top. Toggle on the Ask anonymously switch if you don’t want your name to be displayed next to the question, please only use this feature if absolutely necessary to not be a detriment to engagement with others.

You can see your question and all other questions below, either in the order in which they were asked (Recent) or in order of those with the most votes (Popular). You can vote on any question by clicking the thumbs up icon next to it.

The producer can then archive any questions, which will cause them to disappear from the list.

To return to the regular live chat, click the X in the upper right corner of the Q&A window.