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Question 3

Who is the AIOH member holding this sampling device? What is it used to measure?


  • Terry Gorman?

  • Terry Gorman?

  • Mulder? where’s Scully…

  • This was a then young Trevor Jones in around 1950 -1952 after he joined the NSW Division of Industrial Hygiene. This is not a sampling device he was holding but the film negative from XRD analysis instrument which was used to determine the % crystalline silica in bulk samples of dust (the instrument sensitivity was not sufficient at that time to detect the % Si in the airborne component.

    As this is the 40th year of AIOH it is pertinent to remind ourselves that Trevor served as AIOH President 1980 to l981 (Interim Council) and AIOH President 1983 – 1984, his professional involvement spanned more than 45 years. His first job in the late 1940’s was as a dust scientist with the Joint Coal Board monitoring the exposures of coal miners and subsequently introducing adequate control strategies to prevent dust disease. In around 1950 he joined the Division of Industrial Hygiene in the NSW Health Department and by 1965 he had advanced to Chief of the Industrial Hygiene Division in charge of 35 hygienists and technicians, and within a further decade held responsibilities for more than 30,000 registered factories alone, with 200,000 employers subject to the legislation, and around 1 million workers requiring protection. He directed and participated in a wide range of occupational hygiene investigations involving such subjects as exposure to dusts, fumes, metals, solvents, vapours, gases, pesticides, and abnormal atmospheric pressures, across all manner of industry including early mining practices at Broken Hill, dust monitoring and controls in the development of tunnels of the Snowy Mountains Scheme, excavation and construction in Sydney sandstone, agriculture, manufacturing industries, institutes of education, public and commercial buildings and in some instances sadly forensic cases.

    Trevor was a great mentor to many of our now senior AIOH members and many in the professional were fortunate to receive from Trevor the touch on the shoulder, a quite comment of congratulations, or wise advice and guiding through difficult situations, in regard to both professional and family life.

    • Great information Alan, amazing the work that was done in this industry long before a lot of us were even born.

    • I knew it was Trevor…I couldn’t work out what he was holding!

  • Thanks Alan, great info and comments!

  • Not Terry 🤣🤣

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