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Question 2

What is this device used to measure?


  • Daily coffee intake of an occupational hygienist

    • Hahahahaha

  • vertical elutriator, cotton dust sampling

  • something a proctologist would use?

    • I suppose it does look like a big enough telescope to study Uranus.

      • HILARIOUS, Alan

  • Lumsden-Lynch vertical elutriation cotton dust sampler as the sampling instrument listed in the 1974 NIOSH Criteria Document for compliance with the then OSHA exposure standard. In about 1974 the first protoypes arrived or were constructed in NSW and were initially used by occ hygiene inspectors in the NSW cotton industry, they were so cumbersome to use that there was very few repeat dust surveys. I remember one of these instruments arrived in the Commonwealths Industrial Hygiene group about the same time of 1973-74 and it originally sat in the corner and drew wry comments without ever being used, later it was moved to the storage cupboard where it remained after we left the premises in 1987.

  • Cotton dust sampler

  • hi there I would be interested in borrowing or hiring for a project and would like to know who owns this please.


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