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Question 3

Who are these AIOH clowns?


  • Hendo & Kate Cole

  • (maybe?)

  • Bill and Bob the flower pot men (aka John Henderson and Linda Apthorpe)

  • Is this the official dress for occupational hygienists? I’m new here.

    • On a Monday night, absolutely.

  • CLOWNS = COHs Laughing Over Workplace Naughty Stories

  • Loving Janes reply. But maybe Melinda has a good marketing idea to boost hygienists profile!

  • Sorry boss, didn’t recognise you. (maybe you should act the clown more often).

  • Always the clown Hendo; and KC and the sunshine band?

  • UOW legends hendo and Kate

    • im changing my guess to Hendo and Linda

  • Keep going people – NOT Kate Cole…

  • is that Linda clowning around?

  • Definitely Hendo on the Left. On the right? who is that masked clown…

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