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Question 1

Was there ever a National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety?


  • Yes

  • Yep! us oldies remember it. It was “of” not “for”

    The 1980s in Australia saw the introduction of a raft of new OHS legislation, the establishment of National Occupational Health & Safety Commission (NOHSC), the establishment of National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (NIOHS), the establishment of Australian College of Occupational Medicine (ACOM), the widespread use of corporate occupational physicians and a substantial increase in the size of the trained OHS workforce.
    However, when NOHSC moved from Sydney to Canberra in 2000, only nine out of over 100 staff moved and none of the members of the Epidemiology Unit moved.

    • Encyclopaedic answer Jane 🙂

  • Yes

  • Yes. The NOHSC.

  • That would be a yes (any comments Alan R).

  • yes

  • yes

  • Yes NOHSC!

  • Yes 1985 to 1996 when it was closed down by the social partners as the science created was confusing to the real activities of NOHSC such as industrial relations brawling. Anything extra comments I would add would be taken as defamitory –

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