AIOH Trivia

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Question 1

Who was the first president of AIOH?


  • Either Pamela or Trevor… bit before my time

  • Trevor Jones! because Gerard was Secretary & Pamela was Treasurer…if memory serves me correctly (I am sure senior members shall correct me if I am wrong!)

  • Trevor Jones

  • trevor jones

  • Trevor Jones

  • Nice to know – tried to find it online and could not find it. So I’ll follow the experienced Australian participants by answering “Trevor Jones” 🙂

  • Did whoever it was concede gracefully?

  • Trevor Baxter

  • Trevor Jones

  • Trevor Jones looks like to most popular answer, i’ll run with that!

  • Trevor Jones
    (Pam De Silva was the first treasurer)

  • Trevor Jones. Popular vote was not enough for this pedant so I cheated and looked it up;

  • I’ll admit, I looked it up! Trevor Jones 🙂

  • Yay for Google – Trev

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