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The Mycogroup, established in 2013, includes Mycolab, Australia’s leading Mycology laboratory and Mycotec, expert consultancy and inspection services. Mycolab’s offers mould/bacteria analysis by environmental mycologists and product testing, PCR identification, direct microscopy, bacteria/total organism counts, equipment hire/lab consumables. Mycotec delivers independent expert consultancy, catastrophic events/disaster management, recent example is 2019 Townsville flooding.  Renowned expertise is demonstrated in the fields of IAQ, occupational hygiene, environmental law, ventilation, chemical analyses, mycology and remediation of the built environment. We have the ability to service all areas of Australia /Asia Pacific region with offices in WA, NSW, QLD and service hubs in other states

Dr. Heike Neumeister-Kemp, Managing Director/Principal Mycologist,

ZERO HARM! Join the Breathe Safe Team as we demonstrate the most effective ways to comply (RS20) and maintain safety for the operator and machine from hazardous mine dust. 

Breathe Safe is the leading Australian company for intelligent cabin air filtration systems.  For HME, control rooms, HV cabinets, and Light Vehicle cabins. Mining processes generate high doses of airborne dust (inhalable and respirable). Enclosed operator cabins equipped with HEPA filtration for air intakes -fresh air and recirculation air intake – are the MINIMUM standard for all quarries, ports, tunnels, construction, and surface mine sites.

Javier Riveros | Technical Support | 0438 665 366

Looking for maximum impact and potential? Come and study at UOW! The UOW Master of Occupational Hygiene is the longest-running, most awarded AIOH accredited course in Australia. OHS professionals with broad workplace experience and industry certifications facilitate the application of theory into practice within each subject. The strong focus on face to face delivery builds a community of practice to support you every step of the way, through the course and beyond. UOW alumni are leaders making an impact in global and local workplaces by influencing policymakers and engaging with regulators and industry to protect worker health. The dedicated COPERSH centre for cutting-edge OHS research is applying innovation and science to improve worker health outcomes via innovative industry-based research projects. Be part of an exciting future today!

Jane L. Whitelaw | Discipline Lead: Occupational Hygiene | | 02 4221 5232

The creation of the RESP-FIT Program, a national standardised fit test training course syllabus and accreditation process, will mean that there will be approved training providers available nationally to train those wanting to perform fit testing which meet a minimum standard of course content and experienced trainers. The accreditation process will provide a consistent way to assess competence of accredited fit testers. The result will be better protection from RPE and better worker health protection.

The RESP-FIT Program has been developed and will be managed by the AIOH with close cooperation and input of many industry stakeholders, such as current RPE fit testers, Occupational Hygienists, Regulators, RPE manufacturers, PPE distributors, and industry associations. The RESP-FIT program will be launched 4Q20.

For more information about the RESP-FIT Programemail or visit website

Dräger is a leading international company in the fields of Safety and Medical technology since 1889. Founded in Lübeck, Germany, Dräger has grown into a worldwide, listed enterprise in its fifth generation as a family-run business. Our long-term success is founded on a value-oriented corporate culture with four central strengths: close collaboration with our customers, the expertise of our employees, continuous innovation and outstanding quality.

Dea Stavar |  Marketing Specialist | 3 9244 7213

The AIOH Foundation is a charity established by the AIOH in 2016 with the principal purpose to promote the principles of occupational hygiene in the prevention and control of diseases associated with Australian workplaces. Our vision is to vastly improve awareness of occupational illness and the development and implementation of controls in Australian workplaces. Our strategies include providing support for projects, raising awareness of occupational disease issues and establishing credible estimates of occupational disease in Australia. In 2020 we were excited to announce the award of our inaugural project grants to three worthy organisations who submitted projects that will help deliver our purpose. For more information or to donate to the Foundation, please visit our website –

Andrew Bennett | Chair |

Allens Industrial Products are Australia’s most dedicated providers of Hazardous Dust Equipment, PPE & Consumables to all levels of industry throughout Australia.

Whether it be Silica, Asbestos, Lead, Mould, Welding Fumes or many other hazardous dusts – Allens have got the products to protect you no matter how big or small your application.

We have fully stocked warehouses & showrooms in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne with thousands of items ready for pickup or same day despatch.

Our trained sales staff are only a phone call away, are eager to assist you with any questions you may have.

Travis Allen | Director | 0410 512 007

Assured Equipment Services is Australia’s first and only provider of certified DOP testing, filter efficiency testing, as well as servicing and decontamination of all machinery used within the Asbestos Removal and Industry. These services are provided within our custom built and controlled negative pressure environment. Our services are now available in QueenslandNew South Wales and Victoria

The services offered by ASSURED include:

Greg Allen |

Established in 1962, Kenelec Scientific is one of Australia’s leading scientific and environmental technology companies. Based in Melbourne, with distributors located throughout Australia and New Zealand, we are recognised as well connected, innovative industry leaders in the supply of globally sourced, latest generation technologies, at competitive prices. Kenelec Scientific provides an extensive range of scientific and environmental solutions, employing highly trained and experienced sales and technical staff. We also maintain state-of-the-art NATA accredited calibration laboratories offering a range of popular laboratory services. In-house professional services to assist in design, installation and ongoing maintenance are also available. 

Nicolas Samtoy | Sales Engineer | 03 9873 1022

Noise Measurement Services are the Australian distributor for Larson Davis noise and vibration monitoring equipment. We are a respected acoustics consultancy based in Brisbane, with staff on the ground servicing all of Australia. With over two decades of experience in the noise and acoustics industry, NMS have the expertise to specify the best equipment for your needs. We have a longstanding relationship with Larson Davis and are passionate advocates for the brand in Australia. Get in touch for all of your noise dosimeter, sound level meter, and vibration meter needs.

Matt Dever | Technical Salesperson

0438 136 804

Copper is nature’s most effective anti-bacterial and anti-viral surface.

Copper surfaces are more effective at reducing microbial load than metal, plastic or wood – reducing bacterial, viral, and fungal loads within minutes.

Copper Shield has developed affordable and easy to install door push plates and handle wraps, made from 99.9% pure copper.  Perfect to retrofit bathrooms, cribrooms and cafeterias.

Using copper on ‘high-touch’ surfaces reduced microbial burden by 83% in intensive care settings, and patient infection rates by 58%.

Further information via or email Samantha Clarke (COH) at

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